Netherlands: Muslims offended by Fitna, Dutch against banning it

75% of Turks and Moroccans in the Netherlands think Fitna is offensive. According to the survey by Motivaction for the Netwerk program among 276 Turks and Moroccans, they will not be provoked by Wilders. Barely 29% think that there will be riots. 12% want to demonstrate. 85% see Geert Wilders as responsible if there are negative consequences for the Netherlands.

According to a survey by Maurice de Hond on Friday among 1200 people, almost a third of the Dutch had seen the movie wholly or partially. 20% thought it was good that Wilders made and released the movie, 25% thought it was better if it wasn't made, and 48% were neutral.

A clear majority of the Dutch think the cabinet had reacted too severely to Wilder's intention to release the film. This was especially true for PVV and VVD supporters.

According to a TNS Nipo survey for RTL among 853 people, 61% think after the fact that it was correct for the movie not to be forbidden. 55% of those who had seen it say it was a bad movie.

57% still fear that relations with Arab countries would get worse, compared to 81% a month ago. 44% of the Dutch expects a boycot of Dutch goods, compared to 68% a month ago.

Sources: Netwerk, Telegraaf (Dutch)

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Dutch, don't be like your spineless lily livered PM. Better to live and die standing on one's two feet than to be grovelling and snivelling on bended knees to the muslims, scourge of the earth .