Czech Republic: Mohammad cartoons crime

Posters with a Danish cartoon of the Muslim prophet Muhammad appeared on Wednesday in the center of Brno, South Moravia.

The cartoons, originally created by Danish artists, sparked worldwide controversy and protests, especially in Muslim countries, two years ago.

The posters depict Muhammad with a bomb on his head instead of a turban. The image is accompanied by words "Freedom is not for free".

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has sharply condemned the affair.

"In his time, the prophet Muhammad didn't know what bombs were, it's complete ridicule. I view such posters as being an expression of intolerance and aggression on the part of the people who have displayed them," commented Minister of Foreign Affairs Karel Schwarzenberg.

"I consider it a sad fact that something like that has emerged in the Czech nation. It has nothing to do with the freedom of speech," added Schwarzenberg.

"According to our opinion, no action that aims at inciting religious hostility or that may obviously lead to such ends can be defended by making references to the freedom of speech and expression," explained the ministry's spokeswoman Zuzana Opletalová.

Currently, the issue is being investigated by the police. "Anti-extremism unit is handling the case and experts will be called on to offer their opinions," said the spokeswoman for the Brno police Andrea Procházková.

"Experts will be able to determine whether this can be considered a crime or not," added Procházková.

Source: Actualne (English) h/t JammieWearingFool

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Anonymous said...

brothers and sisters,
Prophet Muhammad (s) was sent by Almighty God, for the sake of people's guidance, of all times, until the end of the world. The Prophets who were sent before him, by God Almighty Allah declared the same truth that God is Only One, and we must worship Him if we want salvation in the End. The religion declared by God for all mankind is called as Islam in Arabic which stands for surrendering to Allah's authority and power, peace (by surrendering to Him all your ideas, freedom, thoughts, deeds etc. you are going to attain peace and peace is very precious and thus it comes with a great value, precious than all diamonds, gold and other precious things of the world, put together).
So Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) who was declared by Almighty God Allah as the Leader of all prophets (peace be upon them all)and all mankind, genies and Angels and other creatures of the universe, should be insulted, holds no good news for such people. It's beyond the comprehension of human soceities and individuals who can think rightly that some people and some countries allow such dangerous, outrageous and shameful thing to occur and then say that they respect the free speech above all. The free speech these people adore above Allah's commands and Prophet's honour will cost them very much and in the end Allah will punish them severely in the Hell Fire because there is none who can help when Allah Decrees something. The universe belongs to Allah and we must learn to speak for Him and His Religion Islam, if we want to be guided on the right path and attain His Pleasure. Otherwise, you can imagine how pitiful their conditions will be because they challenged the Most powerful authority in the whole creation, that is none but their creator, God, nourisher, giver of life and death and the Ultimate Judge who will declare the winner and the loser on the Day of Judgment. How can we then lose our foresight and fail to respect Allah and His Prophets?