Network Solutions and Fitna

On update on my previous post US: Hizbolla - yes, Wilders - no.

Network Solutions does not host It's hosted by a Syrian company, and only registered its domain via Network Solutions. (see here). Thank you to my readers who researched and updated me.

This does not change the fact that Network Solutions decided to pull down a site that basically said nothing. I'm guessing that if Wilders would want to sue them for breach of contract etc, he would have a good chance of winning his case. America is after all very tolerant of hate spewing sites, a 'coming soon' site should be slightly better protected constitutionally.

I'm also guessing that Network Solutions didn't pull down the fitna site based on complaints from a few anti-Wilders activists. They were either faced with serious threats from Islamists, or more likely, serious threats from governmental bodies, either Dutch or American.

For the conspiracy minded, Wilders does not suffer too much from this story. The hype for Fitna is now at its highest, and Network Solutions succeeded in making sure that even more people watch this movie. How many people watched Hirsi Ali's Submission? How many are likely to make an effort to watch Fitna?

Wilders was quoted saying he'll give out CDs to people in Amsterdam, but this would really be a waste of time. He could put his movie out on a file sharing service (e-mule, bit-torrent etc), and it would probably put any viral ad to shame. Geert Wilders has his own site, and I'm sure that if and when he's ready to show his movie, he'll also find a way to let people know how to see it.

Meanwhile, for anybody looking for more info, Network Solutions has an 1-800 number (1-800-333-7680). It's a free call on Skype from anywhere around the world.


Klein Verzet beat me to the idea.

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Anonymous said...

It is true that Network Solutions does not host the website but the domain uses Network Solutions' name servers, specifically NS81.WORLDNIC.COM and NS82.WORLDNIC.COM, to direct internet traffic to its website.

When an internet user types an address of the form '' into their web-browser or sends an email to an address at, their software uses these Network Solutions name servers to determine the Internet Protocol (IP) address to which it should connect.

As such, Network Solutions is directly responsible for enabling use of the domain, even though the services attached to this domain are not provided by them.