Denmark: New Islamic Party (?)

In what appears to be an April Fool's joke, Danish newspapers were informed of a new political party based on Islamic ideology. Islam Democrats (Islam Demokraterne) claims on its site to offer an alternative for the 300,00 Muslims in Denmark.

They claim to be working on collecting the 19,185 signatures needed for participating in the next parliamentary elections. They want to get rid of the 24 year rule, put Islam on the school curriculum and forbid abortions.

There are no phone numbers on the site, and the address listed is that of parliament, however nobody in parliament or in the Muslim community has heard of this party. One is not allowed to use parliament's address unless one is based there. They do not reply to emails and trying to track down their website brought people to a wrong phone number.

Parliament member Yildiz Akdogan says that she had never heard of the party, but if it's for real she thinks Denmark is democratic and offers religious freedom and there is no need for an Islamic party.

Source: Nyhedsavisen 1, 2, Ekstrabladet (Danish)

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Anonymous said...

This is actually an aprilfools joke :-)