Limburg: Youth converting to Islam

A growing group of ethnic Dutch youth in Limburg are converting to Islam. According to different Muslim organizations, one hundred men and women had converted in the province in the past three years.

According to the Limburg Islamic Council (Limburgse Islamitische Raad, LIR) mostly seek very orthodox Islamic movements.

The orthodox Muslim youth organization Alefth in Roermond reports that in the city alone 'dozens of youth' had recently started learning Islam. They are also converting to Islam. Sometimes these are girls who marry Muslim men and afterwards become stricter in following the Koran.

But according to Alefth also young, highly educated men join popular youth mosques such as Jamatoel Mouslinin in order to become Muslims. This mosque is designated by the authorities and security services as "Dawa domain": youth are actively persuaded to become Muslims. Alefth says that in Roermond Muslims don't go out into the streets to missionize, but according to a spokesperson the internet is a medium to be able to immerse oneself in the true word of the Koran quickly and in Dutch.

President Bouchaib Saadane of the LIR is aware of the 'trend' of conversion by ethnic Dutch youth. He doesn't want to speak of a large movement but confirms that the group of converts has increased sharply in the past few years.

Source: Limburg Dagblad (Dutch)

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