Network Solutions: We don't pre-censor content

Network Solutions explains why they pre-censored Wilders' site:

Over the last month, Network Solutions received a number of complaints regarding the website FITNATHEMOVIE.COM. At the same time, our hosting customer for this site also made several public comments regarding their plans for the use of this site. In response to the complaints and the customer's public comments, Network Solutions has made repeated requests to discuss the matter with our customer. We have also requested to review the planned content prior to it being loaded onto the site to determine whether the content violates Network Solutions' Acceptable Use Policy. We are still waiting to hear from our customer. In the interim, we have temporarily suspended the site.

During this suspension, the customer has full access to the site. If the customer provides Network Solutions with the content and it is determined that the content does not violate the Acceptable Use Policy, then the customer will be permitted to post the content. However, if it does violate our policy, then the customer is free to post the content using another number of other avenues, but not with Network Solutions.

Network Solutions is by no means taking any action to limit freedom of speech or to preemptively censor content. Our company also does not proactively police the content of our customers' sites. If a complaint is received, however, we do conduct a review to determine whether the site's content violates our company's Acceptable Use Policy.

Source: Network Solutions (English) h/t Hodja (Danish)

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Anonymous said...

Well if we all spoke with our wallets, Network Solutions would wake up soon enough.

I had a domain registration due for renewal and I just sent them a letter indicating that due to their craven dhimmitude I no longer wished to do business with them or send them any more of my money.

It might only be 40$ but if enough people did it, they would get the message loud and clear.