London: Norwegian murdered, Egyptian sought

A young Norwegian woman found murdered in London over the weekend was probably strangled, according to a preliminary autopsy report. Police have launched an international search for the man she partied with at a nightclub, the son of a wealthy Egyptian businessman.

Martine Vik Magnussen, age 23, is believed to have left the trendy Maddox nightclub with the 26-year-old man, who police fear already has fled to Yemen. Her body was found in the cellar of a London apartment building where the Egyptian is believed to have lived.

Vik Magnussen, herself the daughter of an affluent couple living on the suburban island of Nesøya outside Oslo, had often partied with the wealthy 26-year-old. "He took Martine to parties and clubs in London," one of her friends told newspaper VG. "He was a popular man who knew a lot of people."

He was at the Maddox nightclub, which also attracts celibrities like Madonna and Amy Winehouse, on Thursday night along with Vik Magnussen and several other students from Regents College. Friends of hers who left the club at around 3am Friday have said Vik Magnussen stayed and planned to continue partying with the 26-year-old.

She never came home to the flat she shared with three friends. They say they desperately tried to contact the 26-year-old, to ask whether he knew where Vik Magnussen was, but he didn't respond. By that time, he may already have fled the country, and Interpol reportedly has been called in to help find him.

Police confirmed during the night that Vik Magnussen's body showed signs of serious injury to the throat area. A more detailed autopsy report is expected.

'Thoughtful and kind'

While British newspaper are describing Vik Magnussen as a "posh beauty" and "young socialite," her friends describe her as thoughtful and kind, cheerful and a good student. "She loved school and had a fabulous future ahead of her," one of her closest friends, Hedda Homme, told Aftenposten. Her death, Homme said, "is just incomprehensible."

Vik Mangussen grew up on the island of Nesøya, west of Oslo in suburban Asker, and attended the private and prestigious Christian school Kristelig Gymnasium in Oslo. Several members of Norway's royal family also have attended the school.

She initially went on to study medicine in Poland, but wasn't comfortable there and returned to Norway after half-a-year. She worked in a high-priced clothing store on Oslo's fashionable street Bygdøy allé before moving early last year to London, where she worked at a Mulberry clothing store before starting business studies at Regent's College.

"This is just tragic and absurd," said another friend, Henriette Marie Hansson, who knew Vik Rasmussen since she was three years old. "We're all in shock."

Source: Aftenposten (English)


British police are looking for Farouk Abdulhak, 21, a Yemeni national, in connection with the murder investigation.

Source: Sky (English)


Anonymous said...

This tragedy is an excellent metaphor for Europe's flirtation with multiculturalism - naive, trusting, setup, and betrayed. It's especially sad when discovering that there really is evil in the world is the last lesson in one's life.

I hope this shakes some wishful thinkers out of their stupor long enough to get a glimpse of life's ugly realities. But I'm not betting in it.

Eylem & Sjoerd said...
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Anonymous said...

Esther, what is this post doing on your blog? I remember you recently had a post about a Danish broadcaster accidentally using "immigrants" for "muslims" in a news report about protests in the middle east; isn't this a case of Egyptian=muslim? And if so, is there any evidence that the faith of the Egyptian in question (who at this point is sought, not yet suspected, according to your post, let alone convicted) bears any relevance to the events?

Esther said...

Hey Sjoerd,

Most Egyptians are Muslims. In the case of an Egyptian family that moved to Yemen, even more so.

Saying that every immigrant in the west is Muslim is ridiculous, of course, though a great percentage of them are.

However, this has nothing to do with the post you're referring to, in which DR's website wrote about Pakistanis in Pakistan that they're 'immigrants'. That was a slip of the tongue (or pen), that just shows that news outlet have taken political correctness so far, that saying somebody in Pakistan is an 'immigrant' doesn't sound strange. [Though, i'll just add to that, that this might be somebody working at the DR site who wants to check whether people are paying attention..]

As for this particular case - I posted this since I thought it was a colorful international story, and where the main suspect is very probably Muslim. Whether that has to do directly with the reason for the murder is something the authorities will have to figure out.

Anonymous said...

The goveernment of the U.K. are in complete melt down at this current time.

Five months ago Gordon Brown "Bottled Out" of holding a snap election and it may just have been the worst political move of his life.

Then, He may have returned to government with a similar majority to today.

Now he'd get a hammering.

The tipping point for Brits seems to have come on Nu Liebours refusal to give its peoples a say on the all engulfing E.U. Superstate.

And once we've "Tipped", Islam has come into the public view like never before.

Look at Red Ken Livingstone!.

Untouchable London Mayor?.

Humming and harring about his new London Mega-Mosque. Thought he was untouchable - but not anymore.

Hes gone!. and with him Islamic dreams of their deplorable Mega-Mosque.

Twelve points behind in the latest opinion polls, and like his treacherous Nu Labour allies slipping fast.

There are increasing signs, I kid you not that the U.K. has awoken from its long and recent slumber.

Anonymous said...

Our governments fuel this. They pour money into those shithole countries, give them contracts, buying their oil. Making these scum Saudi, Yemani (and the like) billionaires whose sons come loaded with money and nothing better to do.

Let this be a lesson to any stupid, naive white girl with multiculturalism fever.

People have to wake up, see through the unworkable framework that liberalism offers in terms of social and cultural issues. Kick these fucking Arabs out, Holland is for Dutch, France is for French, England is for English, and so on. These piece of TRASH, SCUM, would love nothing more then to rid themselves of their white neighbors. Beware idiots.

"An anonymous source told the Norwegian news agency NTB that the victim and her friends used to go out with rich Arab men in London"

Egh, only white women are this stupid.. Whore.

Unknown said...

As a English woman living in Egypt I am disapointed in the reaction to this murder. Every other week someone young is murdered in London, be running through hyde park or standing in the street working as a prostitute, We never before been told what religion the murderers were, this has nothing to do with Islam this is a random act of violence, and those who say otherwise are judgemental and naive