Denmark: DPP against green flags

Søren Krarup wants to replace green flags in the upcoming celebration of the Danish Royal Guards' 350 year jubilee celebration.

Green is traditionally the color of hope, but for Søren Krarup of the Danish People's Party it brings up repulsion when they're presented on a flag. The green color namely represents Islamism, he thinks.

Just ten green flags will be part of the facade decoration of the guards' barracks in Rosenborg Castle in the heart of Copenhagen when they celebrate their 350 year jubilee this summer.

Krarup says that it's ugly and can't be prevented from being understood as an Islamic symbol. Instead he thinks they should use the traditional red-white flags, that dominate the decorations.

Wednesday in parliament he asked army minister Søren Gade for his position on the issue, but the minister wasn't interested in going into the issue.

Source: BT (Danish) h/t Gülay Kocbay (Danish)

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Riz said...

It appears to me the that the right is on the march again in Europe. Freedom of religion only applies if you are of the same religion. Today there are three indeginous Muslim nations in Europe (Bosnia, Albania and Kosova) yet the misperceptions are quite strong. The immigrant Muslims have to stay invisible otherwise they are not tolerated!! The native Muslims are treated like third class citizens in their own nations - Bulgaria, Macedonia, Serbia, and Greece - Mosques and places of worship are out of the question yet there is clamour for the rights of people in Tibet. I am sure Chinese also know this game. The old mosques in Spain show the once legacy of Muslims who were then converted or expelled through Inquisition - so were the Protestant Hughenots massacred in Catholic France...the same concept of one nation and one religion. The liberal words on the constitutions are just words reserved for the one that fit into the mould. It is ironic that the Dutch were considered very accommodating and tolerant but now they are spitting venom when their sense of self has been challenged!! I hope things will change for better but only time will tell.