Oslo: 13 years in prison in revenge murder case

Haidar Hussain and Ali Ayaz Shafa were sentenced today for murdering a 41 year old woman in Torshov two years ago.

The drama occurred just before midnight on June 25th, 2006, and was according to the prosecution a pure liquidation of the 41 year old drug addict. The Oslo court did not support the prosecution's charges of premeditated murder and found the suspects guilty of voluntary manslaughter.

A majority of the judges didn't think the prosecution had brought enough evidence of the murder being planned and judicious. The court however did describe the shooting as a revenge murder.

Haidar Hussain (23) and Ali Ayaz Shafa (21) were sentenced to 13 years in prison. the prosecution had asked for 20 years.

A 21 year old man, who according to the charges kept watch outside the apartment, was acquitted because a majority of the judges thought the prosecutor had not brought sufficient evidence. The 21 year old was also charged with premeditated murder, and the prosecution asked for 16 years in prison for him.

According the court Hussain and Shafa fired 18 shots together, each with his own pistol. The murdered woman was hit in the abdomen, chest and head and died immediately of her injuries.

The reason for the murder, according ot the court, was that the woman had given Hussain's girlfriend a deadly dose of heroin a week earlier. Hussain himself was present in the apartment at the time.

The 41 year old woman was suspected of involuntary manslaughter after this episode, which according to friends had crushed Hussain. He blamed the female drug addict for his girlfriend's death, and that had brought about a fatal act of revenge.

The murdered woman's boyfriend, John Hongslo (49), was also shot several times. He survived after serious injuries in his stomach and intestine areas.

Source: VG (Norwegian)

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