Copenhagen: Two killed in possible honor-murder

A man (46) killed his ex-wife (39) and her father (65) in a hardware store in Hørsholm, near Copenhagen, Saturday morning. The murder was witnessed by the couple's two daughters, ages 5 and 11, and by the wife's mother. The couple's son (14) was not present at the time.

The father had followed the family into the store, picked up one of the cooking-knives there, and stabbed his father-in-law and then his ex-wife, who tried hiding behind the counter, numerous times in the neck, stomach and chest. He then tried to flee, but was stopped by several employees and/or customers. When police showed up, he peacefully gave himself up.

The family originally comes from Iraq or Iran. The couple divorced a while back, and the wife and children had been living in a shelter ever since. About a month ago the husband had tried forcing his way into the shelter to see his wife, but police say this murder was completely unexpected. The wife had recently gotten custody of the children.

Danish newspapers speak of a 'type of jealousy' as a motive, jealousy accounts for 15% of all murders, but also of honor, as the man had lost his wife, then children.

The children, grandmother, as well as several of the other witnesses are receiving psychological help.

Sources: BT, JP 1, 2, Nyhedsavisen, DR (Danish)


The murder suspect claims he wanted to talk to his wife about their children and was suddenly attacked by his father-in-law, and he was therefore acting out of self defense.

He apparently had threatened his wife in the past and had been sentenced for violence.

The ex-wife's parents live in Norway and are Norwegian citizens. They were in Denmark visiting their daughter, who is a Danish citizen. The family is originally from Iraq, but had come to Denmark through Iran.

Source: VG (Norwegian)

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