Oslo: Mass fight II

According to witnesses, the victim was accused of being an informant before he was stabbed.

A massive street fight near downtown Oslo Monday night broke up when police arrived on the scene, but not before one victim was stabbed.

Police estimated as many as 15 persons were involved in the brawl, which broke out in Oslo's popular Grünerløkka district around 9pm.

Most of the fighting took place around the intersection of Thorvald Meyers Gate and Nordre Gate.

"When we got there, they ran in all directions, while the stabbing victim lay in the street," said Finn Belle of the Oslo Police District.

Police said they were unsure what sparked the fighting. There were two groups of people involved, believed to be of North African origin.

"All we can say is that they weren't friends," Belle said.

Sources: Aftenposten (English), Dagbladet (Norwegian)

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