UK: First Muslim Bond girl

Model Zara Admans wants to become the first ever Muslim Bond girl. Adams is trying out for the part for the upcoming bong movie "Quantum of Solace".

She said: "The casting agent and the producers liked my pictures and other work and have invited me for audition. I don't know too much about the part at the moment, but it is a good character role as one of the Bond girls with about 15-20 minutes of screen time.

"Working with names like Marc Foster and Daniel Craig, among others, will be an amazing experience. And to be on a James Bond film as a Muslim Asian woman, would not just open up doors for me but break down barriers for other people as well. That would be the biggest thing I could achieve."

Adams is hoping to get the lucky break, but is aware that her parents may not be too happy. She said: "I had a strict upbringing and I didn't even see my first movie until I was at university in Edinburgh, which funnily enough was a Bond film. I am getting a lot of support from my friends who are extremely excited about this but my parents aren't really happy about me auditioning for this part. But I believe you have to choose your own path in life. And if I'm happy, eventually they'll come round to it as they always do."

Source: ET (English)


Anonymous said...

I am sure the writers can find a way to make her die gracefully, by the hands of another beautiful western babe.

Anonymous said...

Muslim model = Can't compute.

she just broke 21 sharia laws.