Switzerland: Veil criticism

Egypt's star goalie Essam al-Hadary is drawing flack for leaving his home team Ahli without giving notice to pursue an international career with Swiss club Sion after his huge success in last month's African Cup of Nations tournament.


Adding to his troubles, a picture of Hadary's wife appearing in public in Switzerland without the veil has also drawn criticism back home.

Religious watchdog group Hamasna ("Our Enthusiasm"), which led the International Campaign for Defending Hijab a week ago, issued a statement urging Hadary's wife Sabrine to put the veil back on.

"We understand that the situation of Muslim women in the West is a special case, but she has to amend what she did before other players' wives follow her example," the statement read. "She must realize that her husband is a player in Egyptian national football, and they are a religious team."


Foreign Minister Micheline Calmy-Rey has rejected renewed criticism of her visit to Tehran last week.

She denied allegations she was the victim of state propaganda by the Iranian authorities trying to bypass international sanctions.

Calmy-Rey reiterated that she raised human rights issues during her talks with the president, Mahmoud Ahmedinejad, and the Iranian foreign minister.

She also said her presence at the signing ceremony for a deal between a private Swiss energy firm and Iran's national gas export company was in the interest of Swiss business and diplomacy.

Calmy-Rey said Switzerland had its own strategic interest to defend, despite criticism by other countries. The United States and Israel accused Switzerland of setting a bad example.

She said she covered her hair during her visit to Iran to respect the local tradition and to be able to hold talks on human rights and Iran's controversial nuclear programme.

The pictures of Calmy-Rey wearing a headscarf provoked an outcry in Switzerland as critics accused her showing a sign of submission.

Sources: Al Arabiya, SwissInfo (English)

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Muslims are not allowed to play football at all.
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