Fitna fatigue

Geert Wilders' movie is expected to be coming out soon. According to a new Fitna site that popped up, this might even be next Sunday.

There is a lot of discussion about this upcoming movie, both in the Netherlands and elsewhere. It was and is discussed by the EU, NATO and the Dutch government, as well as by quite a few opinion makers out there. One site even crowned Wilders as a PR genius. It takes a very special person to come come out with a (meanwhile) non-existent movie and still have everybody talk about it. I don't know if Wilders had any other goal when he announced this movie, but he at the least managed to put freedom of speech and criticism of religion square on the Dutch agenda.

There is so much to write about, but the reason I don't write about this movie is that I'm suffering from a case of fitna fatigue. If you're looking for news about this movie and other related news, you can find an excellent follow-up on Klein Verzet.


Anonymous said...

Good call.

Maybe Wilders just did this to show everyone how pathetic Muslims and the Dhimmi's are.

Go crazy over something that doesn't even exist.

Anonymous said...


The UK domain you link to, seems not to be owned by Wilders. Most likly just a private person who opposes or admires Wilders.

FreeSpeech said...

Interview w/ Wilders at