Copenhagen: Turkish boy killed in possible racist murder

Özgür Dennis Uzun, a 16 year old Turkish newspaper delivery boy, was brutally attacked in Amager, Copenhagen this past Wednesday by three Danish boys, aged 15, 17 and 18. Uzun, who was riding on a bike, was approached by the three in a car. They hit Uzun with a baseball bat, after which he lost consciousness and died the next day of his wounds.

The attack might have been racially motivated, though the motive is yet unknown. A cousin of the victim who was with him at the time said that the people in the car called to them 'what are you looking at, Paki swine." Then they jumped out of the windows and attacked Uzun.

Uzun's father, Ali, is sure the murder was racist. Why would they have weapons in the car otherwise, he asks. He says the three in the car drove past his son and his friend several times. They rolled down the windows and calls things after them, like 'black apes', but that his son did not react.

The mother of two of the suspects (15 and 17) asked for forgiveness and said she did not think this was a racist attack. She criticized the authorities for not intervening till now. Her 15 year old son had not gone to school for half a year and had been through institutions. His 17 year old brother dropped out this year.

The three, who are known to the police, deny the suspicions against them. the 15 year old is considered the head suspect, and had been in trouble with the police since he was ten. However, he could not be punished till now due to his young age.

The case was reported by newspapers in Turkey. Newspaper Sabah reported that the 60,000 Turkish residents who live in Denmark where shocked by the young boy's murder in a racist attack.

Newspaper Milliyet also called it a racist motivated attack. Zaman wrote about an ugly attack against a Turkish boy in Denmark.

Sources: JP, TV2 1, 2 (Danish)


Anonymous said...

Danish terror.Danish murders.The law has to punish them. They are bloody murders, killers. It is the democracy or what. Just kill and hate

Anonymous said...

Let's stick to the facts about the tragedy:
So far we know, that according to the police and a socialteam, that are working on the streets with troubled teens:
The boys who brutally attacked the boy, were in the midst of a "gang-war" with another group. They had been chasing each other for weeks around the neighborhood in cars, carrying baseball bats etc. The boy who got attacked, and later died of the injuries, were not in any matter a part of this, so the police and the socialteam believes, that he tragically became a casual victim.
This, of course, will be tried at a court of justice, and the attackers are all behind bars, while the investigation goes on.
Another fact:
There has been held several peaceful torchlight procession all over the country in sympathy with and respect for the boy's family, and in protest against the meaningless violent attack.

I write this because I am Danish and because I hope, that instead of letting ourselves getting filled with anger and hate, we can join forces across nations in the fight against hate and anger.

Esther said...

Hi anonymous #2,

Can you give me a link to the 'gang war' story?

Meanwhile, Turkish premier Erdogan had called up the boy's family, giving the story even more international political meaning.