Denmark: Muhammad cartoon court case financed by Saudis

Danish Muslim organizations suing the editors of Jyllands-Posten are being financed by a Saudi organization.

Ismain Bin-jabahr, head of the Islamic Society of Fyn says that they are poor associations who use all their money for their buildings and so don't have money for a court case.

The court case is therefore financed by the International Association for Protecting the Prophet [ed. I'm not sure which organization this is exactly]. The association was established on March 2006 in reaction to the Danish Muhammad cartoons. They collect money among the world's Muslims in order to inform about Muhammad and protect him.

Bin-Jabahr does not know how much the court case costs, but he's sure they will skyrocket.

The associations participating in the court case: The Islamic Society, Islamic Information Center, Equality and Brotherhood Association (Lighed og broderskabsforeningen), Arab Cultur Center, Islamic Society of Fyn, Arab Friendship Association and the Arabic Cultur Association.

Source: Nyhedsavisen (Danish)

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I think this "International Association for Protecting the Prophet" is more of a campaign of Al-Qaradawi, his IslamOnline website and the Al-Balagh Cultural Society:

Ibrahim Al-Ansari, the supervisor of the fund-raising campaign, said the launch of a Web site on Prophet Muhammad is a "mammoth task."
"We need $10 million to support the Web site, which will be initially launched in English, then French and German; in other words, we need three million dollars for each section," he said.
"This budget, however, can keep the Web site functioning for three years," he said, adding that Spanish and Italian sections would be launched later.
"We have already enough English materials and will put the French and German pages online once we get he necessary cash."

Which does not ask too hard for donations, propably because they rely on big donors like - a bank...

Al Balagh campaign gets Doha Islamic’s backing
11/May/2008 Gulf Times
DOHA Islamic, the Islamic banking arm of Doha Bank, has donated to Al Balagh Cultural Society’s Merciful Prophet Campaign, the amount collected from its high networth customers including fine for delayed payments.
Doha Islamic said it is the first local Islamic bank or branch to make such a gesture. The donation to the Al Balagh Cultural Society’s Merciful Prophet Campaign is in line with the Accounting & Auditing Organisation for Islamic Financial Institutions in Bahrain, Doha Islamic said.
Doha Islamic said its donation has the endorsement of its Shariah Supervisory Board.
Ali Muhyeddin Al Quradaghi, head of Doha Bank’s Shariah Supervisory Board thanked Doha Bank’s Board of Directors for their significant role in supporting the national economy and encouraging competition for charitable activities.

Al Quradaghi is not only head of Doha Bank’s Shariah Supervisory Board AND vice chairman of
IslamOnLine (which is owned and controlled by Al-Balagh Cultural Society) but ALSO professor at al-Qaradawis sharia department in Qatar AND member of the "European Council for Fatwa and Research" (headed by al-Qaradawi) AND member of the board of trustees of the "International Union of Muslim Scholars" (headed by al-Qaradawi) AND member of the Islamic Fiqh Academy (Organization of Islamic
Conference) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
He sits also on
o Member of the Shari'ah Board for Dubai Islamic Bank
o Executive member of the Shari'ah Board for Doha Bank Islamic Branch
o Executive member of the Shari'ah Board for Qatar National Bank-Al-Islami
o Executive member of the Shari'ah Board for Qatar Islamic Insurance
o Executive member of the Shari'ah Board for The First Co. for Finance, Qatar
o Executive member of the Shari'ah Board for The First Co. for Investment, Kuwait
o Executive member of the Shari'ah Board for The Gulf Investment House
o Chairman and Executive Member of the Shari'ah Board of Ahli United Bank - Group - Al Hilal Islamic Banking Services

So, I guess shariah Banking is paying for this Cartoon Crisis Campaign including court fees...
Al-Qaradawi was accused of instigating this whole crisis after a visit by danish imams, and al-Qurah Daghi was involved as well:

Jews and Christians were now preparing to wage the third world war with Muslims as the target, Doha-based Islamic scholar Dr Ali Al Quradaghi, said here on Thursday. Muslims of the world, he said, should unite against such forces that try to denigrate the great Islam faith, he added.
2/5/2006, The Peninsula