Norway: Iraqi father and son charged with killing ex-wife

The ex-husband had threatened in the past to kill his former wife with an axe, leading her to run away to a shelter. The son was arrested based on what he said in his interrogation that he knew ahead of the meeting in the school. The couple's children were present during the murder.

One of the motives for the murder was apparently the fact that man's ex-wife had a new Norwegian boyfriend. The man's lawyer says he's quite surprised that his son had been arrested for the murder.


A 38-year-old refugee from Iraq has been charged with stabbing his ex-wife to death on the grounds of a school in Setesdal Wednesday. His teenage son was charged as well on Thursday.

The victim was stabbed to death on the local schoolgrounds.

The victim, age 31, had feared her ex-husband and was equipped with a portable alarm to alert police if she felt threatened.

Her alarm went off Wednesday afternoon, but police didn't arrive at the scene soon enough. In front of several witnesses, including children, and in broad daylight, the 38-year-old defendant stabbed her to death on the grounds of the Bygland School.

On Thursday, police also charged her 16-year-old son as being an accessory to the crime.

"We believe he played a role in the murder," prosecutor Folke Åmlid of the Agder Police District told He declined to elaborate.

The victim and her ex-husband came to Norway from Iraq around seven years ago. They had four children, two boys and two girls, and the boys lived with their father.

Sources: Aftenposten (English), FVN, VG, Dagbladet (Norwegian)

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