Norway: More details on ex-wife murder

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The 16 year old suspected of being an accomplice to his mother's murder had been freed Friday.

Vian Bakir Fatah (31) was killed by her ex-husband (38) last week in the Bygland school. She was killed at the end of a reconciliation meeting set up by Fatah's current boyfriend, who works at the school. The couple's four children, ages 4, 10, 14, and 16, as well as Fatah's current boyfriend, were present at the time.

A close friend says that they had expected the murder and that Fatah had lived in fear. She says she had warned Fatah not to go to the meeting as she'll be killed. Her friend says that he watched her and always knew where she was and what she was doing, but that he kept his distance.

The family is originally from Iraq. The couple had come to Setesadl eight years ago and were officially divorced in 2004, but had split up half a year earlier. The ex-husband had tried to look for his wife at work and in her free time several times. He had also once threatened his ex-wife with an axe.

According to Dagbladet police think the motive for the murder might be jealousy. Apparently some of the reasons were her new Norwegian boyfriend and the fact that just before Christmas Fatah converted to Christianity. At about that time she had shown up at a women's shelter after her ex-husband chased her with an axe. The threat was reported to the police who gave Fatah an alarm. She had used the alarm when she was attacked, but by then it was too late.

Parish priest Bernt Olav Jensen confirms that she converted from Islam. She was very clear that she wanted to be baptized and was also very clear about her new faith. He doesn't want to speculate about whether this was a reason for the murder.

Police lawyer Folke Åmlid did not want to go into details about the suspicions against the son, as this was something for the investigation.

The police confiscated two knives after the attack. They think one was used by the ex-husband to commit the murder. The 16 year old had the other knife and police ask why both father and son had taken knives to the reconciliation meeting. Police let the boy go since they think the boy can no longer hide evidence, and the court doesn't easily accept having such a young boy in jail.

According to Dagbladet the 16 year old, who lived together with his father, had been violent towards his mother in the past. For while she had visible injuries on her face after her son threw a fire extinguisher at her.

Before the meeting Fatah had gone to a meeting at the Children's Welfare office, which is now tasked with caring for the children, whose mother was killed and whose father is in jail.

Both father and son deny the accusations against them.

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