Aarhus: Greenlanders fleeing Muslim persecution

A year ago I posted an article about the troubles of Greenlanders in Aarhus. A year later, and there's another article, which is mostly a repeat and an interview of the same person, saying that the situation has gotten worse.


A large number of Greenlanders in Gellerup Park in Aarhus feel that it's too much. For some years they have been subject to racist persecutions from Arab and Somali residents. Now a group of Greenalders must flee.

"I can't manage any longer to be a target. It was mental pressure. But I'm upset that it was us, who had to leave. It was them who attacked us," says Johanne Christiansen.

"There's a terrible lack of respect."

Together with others she was helped by the municipality to move. Greenlanders in Gellerup up continue to be stoned, attacks and insulted. Residents of the northern part of Rigsfællesskabet keep to their apartments, because they're afraid to go out, where they're savagely hounded.

In the past they've met at the library or in front of Netto shop on Sigridsvej. There was a tradition to play football on Sunday. But the stone attacks have brought those activities to a stop. The festivities of the Greenland national day on June 21st were also suspended by stone throwing. The event took place in the Gellerup pool. In recent years professional guards had to keep watch in order for the events to be conducted, but this year for the first time the entire thing was dropped, it was too risky.

Johanne Christiansen says that most Greenlanders in Gellerup have been subject for unpleasantness. A friend was attacks and robbed just outside her door. Another got serious injuries in her face after an attack. A third was kicked in the back by youth who drove by on a moped. A fourth doesn't dare be home alone, since she was harassed by young Arab who attack her and threw stones on her windows.

Calls on the street such as: 'fuck home to Greenland, this is our Gellerup,' are common, just as it's normal for Arab youth to shoot fireworks at them.

Johanne Christansens doesn't doubt that Arabs in Gellerup practice racism towards Greenlanders.

"They purposely go after us as a group. I have tried to say that we are Danes and born with citizenship. They don't understand," says 47 year old Johanned Christiansen, who has lived in Gellerup for 16 years. "My heart still beats wildly when I meet young Arabs. But here, where I live now, they don't do anything to me. I still need to get accustomed to it. I've very glad of my new place and will never go to Gellerup again."

The manager of the Brabrand residential association, Torben OVergaard, condemns the attacks on Greenlanders.

"We can't live with that. But we can't do anything. To administer housing laws we must concretely know the attackers' identity. And we don't have that in these cases, where the complaints don't have names or residences of the attackers." He sees the situation as follows: "If Greenlanders, who drink a lot, live in a place where primarily Muslims, who don't accept alcohol, live, then conflicts will break out."

Source: Århus Stiftstidende (Danish)

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