Amsterdam: Muslim scratches out lingerie ads

Amsterdam: Muslim scratches out lingerie ads

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Recently the Amsterdam police has been dealing with a religious Muslim who scratches out advertisement posters in Amsterdam Oost with his nails.

On the billboards sexy women advertise Sapph lingerie.  The man, Tarix Abdullah, says that he acts out of 'respect for God'.  He says that he has nothing against women, except if they have nothing on besides a bra and a slip.  "I do it in order to protect women and children who pass by.  Soon women will think that they must look like this in order to please men.  If they follow the way of God, more specifically of Islam, we can avoid the danger."

The Amsterdam police is aware of the campaign, but has yet to intervene.  The manager of Sapph says the campaign is 'shocking'.

Source: Telegraaf (Dutch)

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