Denmark: Muslims against polygamous marriages

Denmark: Muslims against polygamous marriages
Since one of Denmark's more illustrious imams already said that he would conduct a polygamous marriage ceremony, and since according to police statistics, there were 46 polygamous marriages in 2000-2006, I'm not sure that the problem is really more 'widespread than originally thought'.  In any case, having the Muslim community take up the issue is the best way of handling it.  A marriage is only 'binding' as far as the community accepts it.  If it would be considered unacceptable within the Muslim community for Muslims to take on a second wife, it will stop being a problem.
Polygamy among Muslims in Denmark is much more widespread than the authorities suspect.  Several imams gladly marry a Muslim man to wives two and three.  This according to several sources in the Muslim community, who are speaking out publicly in order to get the authorities to intervene.
Danish convert Jette Abou-Hawache from Gellerup Parken in Århus knows six Muslim women who live in a polygamous relationship:
"Denmark has a problem that the politicians and authorieties never discovered.  The women in polygamous marriage are trapped pysically or mentally," she says.  It's oppression of women to the worst degree and something should be done for the women.
Mohammed Selfati, who formerly volunteered at the Islamic Faith Society in Copnehagen calls to fight polygamy.  He knows five-six men who have two or more wives, and he knows imams who have no problems marrying a man to wives two and three.

"It's time that Danish society deals with this form of women's oppression,' he says.
In a report from the Welfare's ministry's Equality division on Muslim's women living condition in Danmak several Muslim women state that polygamy is more widespread than was thought until now.
"One of the interviewed imams told how he married men to wife number two.  The essential point for him is that according to Islam it's legal for a man to take up to four wives," says consultant and PhD Tina Magaard, who edited teh report.
Parliament member Naser Khader (K), who wrote several books on Islam, warns the Danish authorities against turning a blind eye to polygamy.
"It should be taken very serious and fought in all ways. One can't just ignore it and say that it's part of Muslim culture," says Khader.
Polygamy can be punished in Denmark with up to three years in prison.  If the spouse wasn't awre of the polygamy, the punishment is up to six years.
Source: Jyllands-Posten (Danish)
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