Sweden: Christian rape gang?

Sweden: Christian rape gang?

Earlier this month Swedish news reported about a rape gang which systematically raped girls in Södertälje.

Four young men appeared in court on Thursday charged with involvement in a series of gang rapes in Södertälje in eastern Sweden.

A total of seven young men between the ages of 19 and 23 are being held in custody for the rapes.

The men are believed to belong to a network of several smaller groups who have systematically raped young women and girls in the town.

Six of them have been charged and four of them stood trial in Södertälje district court on Thursday for aggravated rape, among other charges, in one of the four cases.

The girls have said the men took turns raping them while the others held them down, newspaper Länstidningen Södertälje reports.


Source: The Local (English)

Södertälje has a very large community of Assyrian Christians, and more recently Iraqis.  According to one Swedish newspaper, all the rapists belonged to the same association and worked in restaurants, where they met the girls.  Some are Swedish citizens and some are facing extradition.  (SV)  In other words, they are not ethnically Swedish.

Swedish blog Politisk Inkorrect, suspecting they are Assyrians, dug deep and discovered the names of the rapists (SV).   Apparently, they are all Iraqi and some needed an Arabic translator in court.  However, it seemed to me quite unlikely that Muslims have started naming their children after the Christian apostles.  And indeed, according to Assyrian/Syrian forums in Sweden, the rapists are all Iraqi Christians, though there is still a discussion as to what specific ethnic group they belong to.  As for the girls who were raped, I saw some claims that a couple were Assyrian, but other claims that they were all Swedish.

Generally I don't report about crimes committed by non-Muslims, as they're out of the scope of this blog.  However, since it is quite easy to jump to conclusions and assume all immigrants are Muslim, I thought this is worthy of posting.

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