Brussels: Moroccan attacks agents, is killed by police

Brussels: Moroccan attacks agents, is killed by police

Update: The man is 41, not a teenager. The police stopped since he called them for help. An investigation into the incident is ongoing.

A Moroccan was shot dead by the police this morning in the Brussels suburb of Schaarbeek. According to the police, this happened after the man attacked the police with a knife.

Minister of the Interior Guido De Padt says that the agent acted in legitimate self-defense.

A police patrol stopped by the man, thinking he needed help. Two agents stepped out, at which the man threatened them. They tried to calm him down, but did not succeed. The man took out a knife and injured an agent in the arm, after which he threatened the other agent, who took out his weapon and fired two shots.

The Moroccan youth was hit in the chest and arm and died at the scene. The man is a municipal worker in Schaarbeek.

The police is prepared to deal with riots, but currently everything is quiet.

Sources: HLN, De Redactie (Dutch)

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