Austria: Freedom Party leader to join anti-mosque demonstration

Austria: Freedom Party leader to join anti-mosque demonstration

Freedom Party (FPÖ) leader Heinz-Christian Strache has vowed to take part in protests against the planned extension of a mosque, warning it will spread "religious indoctrination".

Strache said yesterday (Weds) he would participate in a demonstration against the extension of the Islamic Cultural Centre in Vienna-Brigittenau, adding: "This (Islamic) Centre (on Dammstraße) is inappropriate in such a densely-populated area. The centre will have programmes of religious indoctrination."

Hannelore Schuster, a spokeswoman for Citizens' Initiative, which is organising the anti-mosque demonstration, said: "We do not oppose Islam but are against further construction (to extend this centre). I cannot forbid anyone to be at our side. It is appropriate for other parties to consider the issue."

Social Democrat (SPÖ) district chief Hannes Derfler said: "It is typical of the FPÖ to condemn all members of a religious group."

The Greens' David Ellensohn added: "Strache is again trying to get radical right-wingers involved and offending Brigittenau's residents."

City officials have already authorised the construction.


Source: Austrian Times (English)

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