Denmark: Close to 90% of Muslims would vote for the Left

Denmark: Close to 90% of Muslims would vote for the Left

Muslims in Denmark are red.  In any case, only one in ten Muslims would vote for the government and the coalition, if there would be elections now.

DR had an analysis prepared by Capacent institute among Muslims in Denmark and to the question, which party would you vote for if there were elections, now, the Social Democrats got 58.3% of the Muslim votes.  In mandates that comes out to 103.

Together the current opposition: Social Democrats, Social Liberal Party, Socialist People's Party and Red-Green Alliance will get 89.1% of the votes.

The government and Danish People Party get little backing.

The Conservatives and Liberal Party get the biggest blow.  Only 5.7% of Muslims in Denmark would support the Liberal Party, while the Conservatives are below the election threshold with 1.1% of the votes.

It is worth noting that the Danish People's Party does much better than the Conservatives.  4.1% of Muslims in Denmark consider checking the O on the ballot, according to DR's study.

The only party which has the same support among Muslims in Denmark and the rest of the Danish population is the Social Liberal Party.  Here the difference between the recent parliamentary elections and DR's study is not so big.  The Social Liberal Party got 5.1% of the votes, while among Muslims, they get 5.8%.

Source: DR (Danish), h/t Snaphanen

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