Quote: Identity In Crisis

Quote: Identity In Crisis

The first steps of the journey to Canterbury lead across the River Thames from Southwark to Brick Lane, the heart of London's Muslim community. There, Maajid Nawaz, a former Islamist who spent 13 years trying to radicalize young British Muslims and who has since given up his extremist views, works to prevent Britain's Muslim youth from following that path.

"I think there is an identity crisis in mainstream Europe and Britain in particular," he says.

Looking back on his confused childhood, not knowing whether he was Muslim or British or both, Nawaz says Britain has tried too hard to accommodate immigrants.

"It's an understanding that certain values that we hold dear do not apply to other cultures because that's just them, that's their culture," he says. "No, there are certain values that we believe in this country are values for Britain, and so we shouldn't have lack of confidence in those values, and we should assert them where necessary."


Source: NPR (English)

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