Online religion game withdrawn

Online religion game withdrawn

Update to this story: UK: Religious groups calling to ban online game

The creator of the Faith Fighter online game allowing players to stage fights involving Jesus, Mohammed and other prophets said on Tuesday it has withdrawn the game after a Muslim protest.

Molleindustria claim they withdrew their game following worldwide protests.  They now put up another game instead, in which one needs to give love and respect to all religions.

Does anybody really think Molleindustria didn't have this all planned out in advance?  They are not a regular game company, after all.  Here's their mission statement:

We believe that the explosive slogan that spread quickly after the Anti-WTO demostrations in Seattle, "Don't hate the media, become the media," applies to this medium. We can free videogames from the "dictatorship of entertainment", using them instead to describe pressing social needs, and to express our feelings or ideas just as we do in other forms of art. (EN)

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