Södertälje: Muslims flee Assyrian attacks

Södertälje: Muslims flee Assyrian attacks

Both Ronna and Hovsjö have a large immigrant community, made up especially of Syrian Assyrians and Finns.

Apparently the attacks mentioned here (EN, SV) were against the Moor family.  (According to Swedish news, this involved a family which already lodged 20 complaints).


Several immigrant families in Södertälje are subjected to racism and harassment.  According to the police it is first and foremost people of Syrian or Assyrian origin who subject Muslims and newly arrived refugees to different types of attacks.

for the Moor family from Iran it's gone so far that they were forced to move from the Hovsjö neighborhood.  The family's father, Fouad, can't understand why it's just them who are subjected to it.

"A different apartment and secret address.  Why?"

The Moor family, which moved to Hovsjö in 2006, already lodged 20 complaints by the police of harassment.  This includes stone throwing at their apartment and smashing windows.

"Then, every night, there's stone throwing or snowballs.  Why just me," wonders Fouad Moor.

According to both police and the support center for young crime victims in Södertälje, the Moor family is not alone in being harassed.

Rose-Marie Lundkvist who works at the center says that the problem takes place most in the Ronna and Hovsjö neighborhood.

She says children are abused, beaten and bullied in general since they are Muslims, or suspected of being Muslims.  Often it's Syrian children who are involved with this group.

Over 40% of Södertälje's population has foreign background, according to the municipality's statistics.  This includes people who are born abroad or that both their parents were born abroad.

In Ronna and Hovsjö the proportion is even higher - around 85%.,

The Moor family is not alone in moving from Hovsjö. Radio Stockholm spoke with several Muslim families who were forced to move following harassment.

The Moor family was now forced to move in with a friend in another neighborhood of Södertälje.

"When they wake up they are stressed, when they go to bed, they are stressed.  At the same time, the children are also quite stressed to go out, even when they live by me," says the friend, who wants to remain anonymous.

Source: Radio Sweden (Swedish)

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