Denmark: 18% of Muslims want to see Sharia law implemented

Denmark: 18% of Muslims want to see Sharia law implemented

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Close to a fifth of Muslims in Denmark want to see Sharia law implemented in Denmark.A study conducted by analysis institute Capacent for DR news shows that 18% of Muslims in Denmark declare they 'agree' or 'completely agree' with the statement: "Sharia law should be integrated into Danish law".

Sharia legislation is several hundred years old and built on principles from the Koan and report of the Prophet Muhammad's life.

But the notion of what sharia is, is interpreted very different by Muslims round the world.

In countries like Sudan, Nigeria and Iran sharia law means that adultery or stealing can lead to cutting off of hands or whipping.  At the same time, there are laws which considerably place women worse off than men, which means that women can be refused the right to a divorce.

In several Western countries, some Sharia law is implemented.  Here in Denmark it's possible to receive a so-called sharia-loan without interest, and in Great Britain there are so-called sharia councils which can solve private conflicts between Muslims.

Source: DR (Danish)

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