Netherlands: Dutch getting trained by al-Qaeda

Netherlands: Dutch getting trained by al-Qaeda

For the first time, Dutch also seem to have gotten military training by the most feared terrorists in the world.  The Dutch left last year for the area of the Pakistani-Afghani border, where Al-Qeada is preparing new attacks on the West.

This according to the AIVD intelligence service.  AIVD head Gerard Bouman did not want to say how many people this involved.

"We are concerned about this development.  Upon returning from training these people are able to carry out operations," according to Bouman during the presentation at the AIVD annual report.  In addition, there are Dutch students in Islamic educational institutes in Pakistan.  The AIVD fears that they are under the spell of radical and jihadist movements.

Since August 2008 the secret service sees an increased threat from al-Qaeda and other terror groups in the Pakistani-Afghani border area.  According to the AVID there is further danger for "a number of people, objects and sectors".  Bouman said the threats against PVV head Geert Wilders were continuous: "His protection has in any case not decreased."

The Netherlands is labeled as one of the preferred targets of Jihadists, also because of the military presence in Afghanistan and the anti-Koran movie of Wilders.

The AIVD does not rule out that recruits from other European lands will be tasked after their training to carry out an attack in the Netherlands.  Besides al-Qaeda the Taliban, Islamic Jihad Union (IJU) and Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU) also operate in the Pakistani-Afghani border area.

Last may the Dutch National Criminal Investigation Service arrested a Dutch of Turkish original who filled a key function in an international network, linked to the IMU.  The suspect, who was extradited to France, was in contact with the leaders of this terrorist organization.  

At the end of last year the AIVD sounded the alarm about a Turk who left the Netherlands for the Pakistani-Afghani border area to participate in Jihad.  Due to the danger to national security, the Turk was meanwhile declared an unwanted alien.  

After the attacks in London of July 2005 and several foiled terrorists acts in Great Britain, German and Denmark, the tracks led to the Pakistani-Afghani border area.  Last year, with the arrest in Breda of the HBO-student and part-time house painter Aqeel Abbasi, it was determined for the first time that young Pakistanis from outside Europe were 'flown in' to commit suicide attacks.  Abbasi was part of a terror cell dismantled in Barcelona which was preparing for a series of attacks.  

Source: Telegraaf (Dutch)

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