Netherlands: Soldier killed in Afghanistan

Netherlands: Soldier killed in Afghanistan

Though this is not mentioned by the media, apparently Chadli is a Dutch-Moroccan, of a Dutch mother and Moroccan father.  


A missile attack targeting Camp Holland in the Afghan province of Uruzgan has killed one Dutch soldier and injured five others. The commander-in-chief of the Dutch Armed Forces, General Peter van Uhm, made the announcement at a press conference in The Hague. General Van Uhm named the dead soldier as 20-year-old Private first class Azdin Chadli. The other five soldiers are in a stable condition. A second rocket injured two Afghan soldiers at the Dutch base.

It is the first time that a militant rocket attack has succeeded in injuring Dutch forces stationed at Camp Holland. Private Chadli is the 19th Dutch soldiers to die since the start of the mission to Afghanistan in 2006.

Source: Radio Netherlands (English)

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