Antwerp: Turks gather to celebrate Muhammad's birth

Antwerp: Turks gather to celebrate Muhammad's birth

Turkish Muslims from Belgium and abroad gathered in the Antwerp Sportpaleis  for a religious ceremony Sunday.  Starting Sunday they will commemorate all week the birth of the prophet Muhammad.  According to the organizer there wee about 18,000 people present.

The ceremony in the Sportpaleis was the European starting shot for a week of spiritual festivities.  It is the third time that the event was held outside Turkey.  in 2007 it was held in Germany and last year in Austria.

The ceremony included speeches interspersed with religious songs.  A known Koran reciter recited Koran verses.  The central speaker was Prof. Dr. Ali Bardakoglu, head of the Turkish Diyanet, the state institute for religious affairs in Turkey.  He spoke about the importance of family, which passes on the values and standards to the next generation.

Source: HLN (Dutch)

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