Austria: al-Qaeda operating in Austria

Austria: al-Qaeda operating in Austria

A former al-Qaeda jihadist of German origin who's been living in Bosnia for years and who goes by the pseudonym of Nihad C. says that al-Qaeda terrorists live safely in Sarajevo. 

C. says that al-Qaeda is busy preparing an operation from the Viennese Sahaba mosque, but the Austrian authorities let a head suspect slip from under their fingers.  Though it has been reported that Abdulrahman Hussein is dead, C. claims he is still alive and that he's been in touch with him recently.  The mosque was investigated in connection to an attack of Bosnian Muslims on the US embassy in  Vienna.  the head of the mosque is Abu Muhammed, who comes from the Serbian region of Sandzak.  He financed Wahabis from Sandzak who met in the mosque.  Muhammed was involved in the abuse of Bosnian Serbs in 2006. 

According to C., Austria is lucky that al-Qaeda terrorists have been active mostly in Afghanistan till now, but he says that terrorists in Spain, Morocco and Algeria are ready to carry out orders.  C. went to Bosnia as a 16 year old in order to fight with the Mujaheddin.  Afterward he fought for two periods in Chechnya.  In 2001 he went to Afghanistan, where he was arrested by the US and Pakistani secret service ISI in 2007.

Source: NRP (Dutch), News (German)

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