Belgium: Miss Belgium to promote breast cancer screening

Belgium: Miss Belgium to promote breast cancer screening

Miss Belgium Zeynep Sever (19) and her mother Mesaret (52) will appear on a poster campaign for preventative breast cancer screening.  In the coming moths the two will figure on posters to promote the mammography with the slogan "My breasts are insured".

The campaign is an initiative of the Brussels Ministers of Health Benoît Cerexhe (CDH) and Guy Vanhengel (Open Vld).

Together with the Brussels coordination center for breast cancer prevention they want to show the importance of screening for women between 50 and 60.  Sever says that many women don't know that there are free tests available.

Sever and her mother, both of Turkish origin, hope to also reach many immigrant women by supporting the campaign.  Sever says that it's not always easy for them to find the way to prevention.  

Sources: De Redactie, De Standaard (Dutch)

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