Iceland: First 'all-Icelandic' Muslim marriage ceremony

Iceland: Icelanders marry in Muslim ceremony

The article doesn't say, but I'm guessing both husband and wife are converts to Islam.

Last weekend was an important moment for the Muslim community in Iceland, because the first 'all-Icelandic' couple got married at the Muslim Association mosque. The head of the association, Salmann Tamimi, performed the ceremony to join Hjalti Bjorn Valthorsson and Gunnhildur Aevarsdottir in matrimony.

"Of course there have been Icelanders who have converted and married members of our communion, but this is the first all-Icelandic pair we have married," Tamimi told Frettabladid. He said that the number of Muslims in Iceland has increased rapidly over the last couple of years. "Two or three years ago you could count them more or less on the fingers of one hand, but now there are between 30 and 40 (Muslims in the Association)," he said. "Things seem to be improving for Muslims, both here in Iceland and elsewhere these days."


Source: IceNews (English)

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