Paris: Agent publishes clip of bus attack

Paris: Agent publishes clip of bus attack

This clip has been doing the rounds over the past week and is extremely difficult to watch.


A video clip of a violent incident in a Paris bus has led to an uproar in France.

The clip, of about six minutes, is from 3:45 AM of December 7 of last year.  They come from a night bus connecting Gare du Nord to Gare Montparnasse.  A youth with a neat Burberry shawl stands daydreaming inside the bus.  Behind him is a group of darker youth.  When one of them bumps into him, it begins.  the youth discovers his wallet is gone, goes to talk it out and ends up on the ground, beaten and kicked.

The violence is not one-time but comes in waves.  Even after the bus stops and the youth seeks help from the driver, he gets beaten.  Other passengers leave the bus on the first stop.  The one who wants to intervene gets hit in the face.

The clip is causing much excitement in France.  Not because of the violence or the audible racism - the victim is called a son of a bitch and a miserable Frenchman.  The attention is focused on the young agent who put these pictures from the security cameras on the internet - already on December 17, on Facebook.  "I wanted to show my friends what my motivations for this work was," he explained.  The transportation company RATP lodged a complaint against him.

The video clip shows how the bus drivers look on and only sighs "what do you want me to do'.  He actually turned on the silent alarm, and two attackers were arrested.  Two others were pulled in a couple of days later due to the video pictures.

Source: Volkskrant (Dutch)

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