Europe: "Muslim problem" workshop

Europe: "Muslim problem" workshop

The following is an opinion peace written by Dr. Galit M. Ben-Israel, lecturer in the Department of Administration and Public Policy in Beit Berl College, Israel.  She participated in the "science for peace and security" workshops of NATO:

In one of the capitals of Western Europe there was recently a workshop discussing 'the problem'.  The problem, the Europeans explained, is: the attraction of Muslim citizens in the continent to the global Jihadist idea.  It seems that in the 30s of the previous century the Germans and the other Europeans had an 'imaginary problem' with the Jewish nation, and in the current century they have a new enemy or 'enemy': the Muslim population in the EU.

The enemy is divided into two, claim Stephan and Heidiger, two intelligence service men from one of the G8 countries, who serve as observers in the workshop.  The first enemy is the thousands of Muslims with European citizenship who are active or sleeper agents of the global Jihad.  They live in the sleepy suburbs of old Europe, and can be activated by an encrypted digital signal at any time.

The second "enemy" is large portions of the Muslim population in Western Europe who heartily legitimize global terror in the name of the Islamic idea.

The Europeans know that you can't see every citizen of Muslim origin as a potential enemy, even if he supports the global Jihadist idea.  But demographic changes favoring the Muslim population, as well as the voluntary seclusion of the Muslims in 'ghettos' and keeping a traditional-religious way of life, scares the original inhabitants of good old Europe.

The first enemy can be arrested today in administrative detention in prisons in the heart of Western and democratic Europe.  But you can't arrest the entire Muslim population of Europe.

The Europeans in the workshop suggested the idea of 're-education'.  In the countries of the EU today, teachers avoid teaching literary works that might offend Muslims, and there is no supervision of the European state over Islam studies in the mosques.  All this in the name of multiculturalism.   "Re-education' means governmental supervision over religious studies, forcing the study of texts which oppose the Islamic faith like: Darwin, encyclopedia writers and philosophers of modernism and enlightenment.

The Israelis brought to the workshop the idea of supervision of citizens.  For years the global Islamic terror has been recruiting local groups in Europe to Jihadi terror, using the virtual space, after the option of recruitment in the physical-geographic space, like mosques, was closed down by the Western-European security services.  Due to that, the activists should be followed in the virtual space of their religious communities.

Between the suggestions of the European for 'reeducation' and the suggestions of the Israelis for supervision of citizens, was the suggestion of another participant in the workshop, named Yusuf.  Yusuf is the head of the federation of Muslim organizations in one of the EU countries.  He was born in northern Europe to a white Catholic family. When he was 20 he converted to Islam, and it paid off for him - he became an enthusiastic paid political activist of the idea of a Muslim Europe. Yusuf speaks of Islam, peace and fatwa in the digital age.

Yusuf proposed to adopt the futurist vision of a Muslim Europe which will live in peace and brotherhood with its dhimmis, the Christian minority and Jewish minority.

In the workshop they almost completely ignored Yusuf's suggestions, they were not enthusiastic about the Israeli suggestions.

The sons and grandsons of the people who actively and silently participated in the long term colonialist project and/or the Holocaust, learned a moral lesson from their fathers and turned to a new way, which sanctifies the rights of the individual.  Therefore, the prefer the 're-education' illusion over the option of supervising citizens.  They won't turn against their Muslim population, and if it swallows them, they'll be swallowed.

Europe, from which some of us came to Israel, will some day stop being Christian and white.  Maybe it's related to the wheel of history, maybe it's related to the 'soft hand' policy of the European decision makers, and maybe to post-colonial justice.  Who knows?  In any case, Israelis need to start adapting: Europe is no longer their Heimat (homeland).

Source: Ynet (Hebrew)

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