Amsterdam: Daycare owner stabbed to death

Amsterdam: Daycare owner stabbed to death

According to Today's Zaman, Turkish media are suggesting this was a hate-crime.

Dutch newspaper Het Parool reports that Arzu Erbas had been threatened several times by an angry Turkish divorced father who was prevented from seeing his child. The police is also investigating other motives including mugging and honor murder.

Erbas was born in 1976 in Rize, Turkey. In Turkey she worked in nursing. She came to the Netherlands 13 years ago in order to study education and to marry a Turkish man already living in the Netherlands. In 2003 she started her own daycare center since she did not like her son's daycare. Five years later she opened two more branches.

Additionally Erbas volunteered in projects aimed at advancing integration, This year's project, 'visit your neighbors', was awarded by the Dutch royal family.

The family was on vacation in Turkey, but Erbas returned early due to her childcare center. Her husband was in Turkey when she was murdered.


Arzu Erbaş Çakmakçı, who had received awards and been received by the Dutch royal family for her charity work, was stabbed to death in Amsterdam on Monday in the parking lot outside of a daycare center she owned. News reports said the attack took place in the evening after the 33-year-old has just locked up the Moeders Schoot childcare center in the Geuzenveld district of the city and was walking to her car.

Çakmakçı was taken to a hospital; however, she later succumbed to her injuries. She was married with two children. There is no trace of the stabber, Dutch police were quoted as saying on Wednesday by an English-language online Dutch news portal, while there was no statement from the police concerning the motive for the attack.


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