Italy: Inter Milan coach says he was misquoted

Italy: Inter Milan coach says he was misquoted

Inter Milan boss Jose' Mourinho on Friday blasted the media for misquoting him on Muslim midfielder Sulley Muntari's Ramadan fast and spurring death threats from Islamists.

''If something happens to me it will be your fault,'' the coach told reporters after Britain's Daily Star reported that at least one extremist site had threatened to kill him.


''The situation with Muntari is your responsibility,'' Mourinho told reporters Friday.

''I know what I said, there are tape recordings, but you like to change words. I said: 'Muntari's decision is not to be criticised because it is a question of faith and religion. That means that I accept it (and) I never said Muntari should forget his religion and practice. If anyone in the Muslim community is angry with me it's your fault''.

After the 1-1 draw with newly promoted Bari, Mourinho was asked about Muntari's substitution 30 minutes into the game and replied: ''Who knows? It seems to me it had something to do with Ramadan...Ramadan doesn't come at the best time for a player, to play a football match''.


Source: ANSA (English)

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