Denmark: Immigrants keeping jobs

Denmark: Immigrants keeping jobs

while ethnic Danish youth have trouble holding down a job in the crisis, things are brighter for Danes of non-Danish ethnic origin.

Youth unemployment went up 60% for the Danes, compared to 20% among immigrants, Agenda magazine reports based on data from the National Labor Market Authority and the Ministry of Education.

When it comes to places for apprenticeship, immigrants manage gloriously. The number of Danes without a place for apprenticeship is increasing significantly faster than the number of immigrants.

Roskilde Tekniske Skole says that the young immigrants are a more stable workforce.

"Non-Western youth are simply better manpower, and they want it. You can slowly also see it by employers. We know that it's harder for non-Western youth to get an apprenticeship place, but when they first get a place, they don't lose it," Jesper Kofoed, head of education at the school told Agenda.

Hans Lassen, integration consultant and manager at the Sisyfos consulting firm back this up. He says that despite predictions throughout the years that were 100% certain that non-Western immigrants would leave the job-market first, he's glad to see that it's not true.

Source: Avisen (Danish)

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