Belgium: Convert wasn't really Muslim

Belgium: Convert wasn't really Muslim

Lesley Deckers, a Muslim convert, sprung out three Moroccan criminals out of jail, including her boyfriend. Now a friend says that she wasn't Muslim at all.


Lesley Deckers (23) was interrogated all night Tuesday. She says she feels guilty. "Nonsense", replies Leley's old friend Wendy B. "Leslsey always got a kick out of attention. That image of a super strict Muslima was a sham." Deckers also declared that didn't intend to flee to Morocco. What her intention was remains to be seen of further interrogation.

Wendy B. got acquainted with Lesely four years ago as the convert Laila, but prefers to remain anonymous to the new friends of her old friend.

"That image of a super strict Muslima was then already completely fake. She wasn't, she just said it. She knew important and particular data by heart, but in her heart she wasn't a Muslima. She simply felt she'd get attention that way," says Wendy B.

The young Dutch woman is married to a Turk and also considered converting.

"I lived in Antwerp then and worked in a call-center. She worked there too, and so I got acquainted with her. She was very happy in the vicinity of Moroccans and the whole Moroccan community. Several times she was by my house. Lesley helped me. She taught me about the Koran. But there was also another side to her. As soon as we were inside, she threw her headscarf in a corner, smoked a cigarettes, and made jokes about the faith."

Leslye said that she often didn't say prayers and ate pork by her parents.

"We went to the fair together once and from the moment that a group of men passed by she changed. She called after them, made dance movements. She wanted attention, a lot of attention. I think that she didn't get that from Belgian men, because she wasn't really a size 36 then. But by becoming a 'so-called' Muslima, she naturally got the attention that she craved so."

Source: Hbvl (Dutch)

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