Amsterdam: No Islam classes

Amsterdam: No Islam classes

Public schools in the Amsterdam district of Slotervaart are not currently planning on giving Islam classes. District mayor Ahmed Marcouch had asked for such classes about a year ago.

Marcouch support Islam classes outside the regular school-day, so that schools would offer parents an alternative to religious education in the mosques. Many children in Slotervaart go to such classes on teh weekend. According to the district mayor, the educational climate there is not good.

Classes in public schools are only possible if parents ask for them. That didn't happen as of yet. It is unknown if father and mothers simply have no need for it, if they aren't aware of this possibility. The district is currently checking if parents will consider religious education religious education in school.

If parents will say that they want their children to get Islam classes in schools, that is still possible. At several elementary schools in Rotterdam and Lelystad , children already have the possibility of taking classes on the Islamic faith.

Source: Telegraaf (Dutch)

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