Belgium: Imam to sue Dewinter

Belgium: Imam to sue Dewinter

I translated and posted the first part of Velle's report. I did not post the rest, since I was unsure about the source.

Velle had previously been interviewed by Belgian magazine Knack, where he also accused Taouil of recruiting youth and sending them to training camps in Pakistan and Afghanistan.


Antwerp imam Nordin Taouil lodged a complaint for slander against Filip Dewinter and Peter Velle, chairman of the Flemish Committee for Ex-Muslims (VCEM).

A report by Velle appears on the website of the Vlaams Belang head, claiming that Taouil recruits Muslim terrorists in Antwerp.

Taouil has a very controversial reputation. He once said that Muslim blood is the best in the world. "We don't smoke, drink no alcohol and have sex just after marriage. Flanders could therefore use our blood well."

In the context of a headscarf ban he called on Muslims not to send their children to school.

Source: GvA (Dutch)

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