Netherlands: Survey on crime among Dutch Moroccan youth

Netherlands: Survey on crime among Dutch Moroccan youth

Another interesting question is this one: Why do youth go off on the wrong path?

31% - 'Macho' culture among Moroccan youth
23% - Lack of opportunity in the environment where the youth grow up
15% - Dutch having little understanding for Moroccan culture
18% - Parents not being able to cope with raising the children
30% - Moroccan youth get less chances
14% - Moroccan boys pay no attention to their own future
16% - Moroccan boys are more likely to get sucked into 'bad circles'
11% - Other reasons

55% think too much political attention is paid to criminal Moroccan-Dutch youth. 76% think there's too much media attention. 72% think this media attention is too negative, and 72% think it's bad that the media reports on Moroccan criminals, ie, that origin is not relevant.


A third of Dutch Moroccan youth think that the Dutch legal system is not hard enough on criminal youth. Trouble makers should first be dealt with by their parents, according to a survey by Top-X - the youth panel of TV program EénVandaag and among 800 youth of Moroccan origin [under 30].

About 60% of the Dutch-Moroccan youth surveyed are disappointed and angry that many of their age group of Moroccan origin get in trouble with the police.

"Sometimes I'm ashamed that those ASOs [anti-socials] could ruin it like that for the rest," according to one of the participants.

A third think that the popularity of the PVV is due to criminality among Moroccan youth. A fifth think that these youth should get extra severe punishments [18% have no opinion]. The same percentage thinks that recidivists should be sent back to Morocco.

There is little trust in the solutions of the Dutch government. But a majority (70%) think that street-coaches is a good idea and half also supports the idea of family-coaches. There is disagreement about the role of the Moroccan community: Almost 40% says that it doesn't involve itself enough with a solution.

Source: EénVandaag (Dutch)

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