Denmark: 'All the Danes and Jews must die'

Denmark: 'All the Danes and Jews must die'

Update: I referred to this below, but I now realize I could have emphasized it more. Originally the 23 neighbors were told to move. These 23 families include 3 families of immigrants. However, since then the 'offending' family has been moved instead.


The family in question is Lebanese. There's no mention of their faith, but what do the Jews have to do with this?

More on this story in the Copenhagen Post (in English). The family has meanwhile been moved to a different place in the municipality, out in the countryside, where the nearest neighbor is 200-300 meters away. It's not the first time the family has been moved. The mayor says it's a shame that this Lebanese family is ruining it for all the other well-integrated immigrants in the municipality (DA).

Danish blog Uriasposten presents a transcript of an interview on Danish broadcaster DR. I bring here just a bit of it:

Mads Steffensen, DR host: They had to listen to words and phrases such as racist, whore [..] all the Danes must die, all the Danes and Jews must die. The residents of Belvederevej in Helsingør feel that they live in a war-zone, it's a life of violence, threats and vandalism. There are two blocks, 23 families, and in one apartment there's a Lebanese family.


Mads Steffensen: The day after the family got a termination notice in a case, which anyways hasn't concluded yet, then you got a greeting, where you live.

Elisabeth Dreijer Sørensen, resident's representative: Yes, I got a red cross on my door. And later we learned what it means - that we are infidels, and that we're on the death list. Yes, the vandalism didn't stop there, because also three cars were scratched, and all four tires were punctured, after they got their notice. But though they've received their notice, they still have three months..


Mads Steffensen: What do you think happened here. There's a family, that's harassing 23 others.

Elisabeth Dreijer Sørensen: It's very, very difficult to estimate what's this about, since it's so extreme that none of us have the imagination to imagine what's happening, and we think it's very spacious out by us. There are there other families of an ethnic background different than Danish, and there aren't problems, and we think we've been very accommodating and tried a lot to meet them and help them understand the house rules, and we must all keep to them because they were democratically decided, the house rules. They hold for all of us, so I don't know what's gone wrong.

Source: Uriasposten (Danish)

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