Denmark: "We'll do the same to Nazi schools"

Denmark: "We'll do the same to Nazi schools"

Twenty five Muslim and Catholic schools will be inspected during the fall to see if they prepare the students to live in freedom and democracy.

The education minister Bertel Haarder (V) says that the first five schools will soon get a visit. Bertel Haarder says that as part of the government decision in June to fight extremism, it was decided that 25 schools would get a visit. This is being done with a view to finding ways to combat extremism and promote freedom and democracy.

The Conservative People's Party published a new integration initiative of 13 points. One of those is increased supervision of Muslim private schools. A proposal the government has already started.

Bertel Haarder adds that the inspection isn't only directed at Muslim schools. "It could also be Nazi or autonome schools, if such would arise," he says.

The Danish Private School Association is very upset that the government is again suspecting private schools. The head of the association, Ebbe Lilliendal, says he would be very surprised if the 22 Muslim schools won't be included in this inspection round, and as alibi they'll find three other schools, probably Catholic schools with many Muslim students.

Ebbe Lillendal says that there have been many announced and unannounced inspections since 2006. Every time it takes energy from the school, and it's a bother being suspected. Which public school suffers from that?, he asks.

Bertel Haarder says this isn't a one-time thing, and that they will continue to identify problems with the schools, to combat extremism and promote democracy.

Source: Kristeligt Dagblad (Danish)

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