Netherlands: 18% of immigrant men plan to emigrate

Netherlands: 18% of immigrant men plan to emigrate

I assume this survey is talking about those having concrete plans, compared to the survey which claimed 51% of Muslims were considering leaving.

About 700,000 people want to emigrate from the Netherlands.  In particular immigrants and youth have plans to live abroad for a period longer than eight months, reports Statistics Nethelrands (CBS) Wednesday.

18% of immigrant man have plans to live abroad temporarily or for good, compared to 7% among ethic Dutch men.  The number of women with plans for emigration is significantly lower according to the CBS, but is twice as high among immigrants than among ethnic Dutch.

Immigrants are homesick for their land of origin and often have family there, which is why they emigrate more oftne, a CBS spokesperson told Radio 1.  The relatively high number of emigrarns has nothing to do with the rise of the PVV.

9% of men and 5% of women in the Netherlands (18-62) have emigration plans.  youth in particular are inclined to emigration.  14% of men (18-29) and 10% of women have emigration plans.  Among those above 30, 7% of men and 4% of women have such plans.

In the past months the number of peole with emigration plans decreased.  Due to the economic crisis families espeically are deciding not to emigrate, says the CBS spokesperson.   Already for several yeasr 125,000 people actually emigrate aboard.  The total hasn't been this high since the 50s.

Source: Trouw (Dutch)

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