Netherlands: Muslims are social eaters

Netherlands: Muslims are social eaters

Dutch Muslims like to eat in company, according to a study for Ramadanfestival.

Most of the Dutch Muslims don't like to eat alone  In total 57% like to eat with others.  Among non-Muslims that's 21%.  On the other hand, 56% of non-Muslims prefer eating with their partner.  Among Muslims that's 23%.

Additionally Muslims are more inclined to invited their neighbors over to eat.  Non-Muslims mostly keep to a cup of coffee or short talk.  The study shows that Muslims eat more often by their neighbors than on-Muslims.  54% of Dutch Muslims says they've eaten by their next door neighbors, compared to 39% among non-Muslims.  But non-Muslims do have chats with their neighbors more often.

The Ramadanfestival conducted the study in order to check the eating habits among the two population groups.  the organization of the festival aims to bring Muslims and non-Muslims together through joint meals.  They intend to hold joint iftar meals.

The Ramadan will begin August 21 or 22 and end September 17 with Eid ul-Fitr.  The Ramadafestival will have a national concluding event in Amsterdam.

Source: AD (Dutch)

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