Antwerp: School to open headscarf changing room

Antwerp: School to open headscarf changing room

The Royal Atheneum of Antwerp is building a changing room with mirror for Muslim girls, where they could take off their headscarf when they come to school and put it back on when they go back home.

Starting September 1st, the school is introducing a headscarf ban. "It wouldn't be nice for the girls if they had to change on the street outside the school-gate," says principal Karin Heremans.

"Therefore we thought of a changing room with mirror in the school. The idea originated by the teacher and the administration during the discussions about the headscarf ban. If the Muslim girls will go outside the school to exercise, we'll also offer them a sports-headscarf.

Last June the Royal Atheneums of Antwerp and Hoboken introduced a headscarf ban. The ban caused much protest among the Muslims. Principal Heremans expects that a number of students will leave to other schools due to the headscarf ban. [Ed: Though there are no more public schools in the city that allow headscarves]

Source: GvA (Dutch)

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