Netherlands: Police announces daycare center murder suspect

Netherlands: Police announces daycare center murder suspect

Update (Aug 26): Police apprehended the suspect.

The police knows who is the murder who stabbed to death the owner of the Moeders Schoot daycare center in Amsterdam West two weeks ago. The man is Nevzat Koyak. He was born in Turkey and is in the Netherlands illegally. According to the police he's addicted to alcohol and drugs and has no permanent place of residence. The suspect is dangerous and unpredictable.

Koyak is on the run. Monday night is photo appeared in wanted notices on various national and local TV broadcaster. The police hopes that the broadcasts will bring in tip about the suspect's hiding place. Justice is offering 5,000 euro for the 'golden' tip.

A police chief told regional broadcaster TV-Noord Holland that Koyak was involved in the past in serious violence crimes. The police said nothing in its wanted notice about the motive of the suspect. A spokesperson did not want to add information. The murder, in any case, has nothing to do with the daycare or the parents of the children there. "This could have happened anywhere," says the spokesperson. According to the spokesperson there was no relation between the attacker and the victim.

Arzu Çakmakçi-Erbas (32) was stabbed to death two weeks ago in a parking place in front of the childcare center, just after she closed it. The victim died later in hospital.

The police currently has more than 20 researchers on the case.

Source: Telegraaf (Dutch)

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